Loud Conscious 

I wish I could stoop to your depths, instead I love you too much to put myself first. I hear and see all the lies and evidence you mistakenly leave behind. I ignore , not out of desperation, or complications,  but out of unconditional love. For I know that even if I find what I’m looking for it won’t matter, my heart will still beat for you and you alone. 

I feel twisted knowing this , it’s like a curse . I thought I was special, possessing the power to be able to love a person so much that nothing they do wrong will break it. I thought it was a blessing , a miracle , a chance at true love. But all things come with a cost , I didn’t think you’d be it. 

Sitting here in front of me tormenting me , knowing that I won’t hurt you. Thinking I’m weak and desperate.  If only you knew . I do love you but love does not mean that I have to be with you to love you . I can love you from a different state, and existence. I will not continue this route , I have long enough ,being driven by my loud conscious telling me to listen to my heart.

 I cannot believe it , somehow the voice is starting to fade. Does this mean I am becoming weak ? Well if it is , so what ? Just look at where being patient and resilient has gotten me. There’s a whisper “Karma is real”. Once again this curse leads me head first to be the bigger person and forgive with out punishment. Let The Angeles be with me in my journeys to protect me from my own undoing.


Blinded Sheep

You don’t see what you do, but you see clearly? You want what’s best, without knowing it. You know better than they do, but yet your their equal. Who or what gives you the right to think in such a way? You are self centered, self-serving,  and blinded. 

Everything you think you know was told to you, by someone who only told you what they want you to know. Yet , you follow and follow blindly by naive trust .

 The fed and well think they know you more than you know your self, so they tease you with food and shelter. Asking nothing,  you follow the well and fed. You have ignored the experienced, the wise, and elderly.

 Now your blood leaks in front of your own eyes, you see your karma. You now know that you cannot claim to know what you don’t know, that you don’t know. What cost is too expensive for you? Put your pride aside and be strong by being weak. Before it’s too late. Don’t be a Sheep.